Work hard.  Play hard.  Give back.

Our culture is formed around building people both personally and professionally. With a strong emphasis on community involvement and recognition for exceeding expectations, you can be assured that when you are part of  BCG&Co. coming to work isn't just about a paycheck, it's about making a difference.

BCG&Co. hires only the best and the brightest. Our employees commit to ensuring the success of:

  • Themselves – through personal and professional development and training.
  • Others – through mentoring, giving of time and talent, and providing our clients gold-standard service.
  • The Firm – playing a key role in the organization’s growth and success.
The Team Member Creed

Because I want us to succeed, I will:

  • Take responsibility for my personal growth and development.
  • Set appropriate expectations of myself and others.
  • Be available to help others, freely sharing my knowledge and experiences.
  • Give wisely of my time, energy and talents.
  • Provide and receive constructive feedback to and from my colleagues.
  • Embrace and promote change in the best interests of the firm.
  • Not permit or contribute to a toxic work environment.
  • Give my best to my colleagues, my clients and my community.
  • Always do the right thing.
  • Work hard and play hard.

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BCG & Company is a dynamic and growth-oriented, regional certified public accounting and consulting firm, with two affiliates and operating in multiple states.

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