Mergers & Acquisitions

More and more companies are turning to mergers and acquisitions for faster growth and aggressive expansion.

Whether you are selling or buying, our professionals have the experience, credentials and training needed to provide a thorough analysis of the transaction at hand.

Sell Side Services

  • Determining Client Goals and Needs
  • Assessing Strategic Options
  • Identifying Business Value
  • Evaluating Worth of the Business
  • Coordinating with other Professional Advisors
  • Assisting in the Structuring to Maximize Seller’s After Tax Dollars
  • Reviewing Business, Accounting and Tax Aspects of Legal Documents, including Letters of Intent, Definitive Sales Agreements or other Agreements and Contracts
  • Negotiating the Transaction
  • Closing the Deal 

Buy Side Services

  • Identifying the goals and objectives of your acquisition search
  • Identifying and contacting potential targets
  • Requesting relevant information from targets
  • Coordinating your M&A team, including legal representation and financing sources
  • Assisting in the financial and/or valuation analysis of targets
  • Developing strategic tax and financial plans
  • Reviewing the letter of intent and assisting with its negotiation
  • Leading negotiations to reach a definitive agreement
  • Coordinating the final closing
  • Conducting financial, tax and accounting due diligence
  • Assessing the target’s accounting system, internal controls and computer systems
  • Providing tax compliance services, including tax return preparation
  • Providing accounting and auditing services
  • Coordinating appraisals of real estate and tangible personal property and EPA studies
  • Reviewing business, accounting and tax aspects of legal documents, including definitive purchase agreements, merger plans

ESOP Services (Employee Stock Ownership Plans)

Is an ESOP right for your company?

Our ESOP professionals have worked with companies in a variety of industries to help determine if an ESOP is right for their organization. There are many factors to consider before and after implementation, our experts are here for you through the different phases of the ESOP process including:

  • Conducting feasibility analysis
  • Designing ESOP structure
  • Advise on tax and regulatory compliance
  • Conduct preliminary and final valuations
  • Coordinate with other consultants
  • Assist with negotiating and structuring the finance
  • Oversee plan implementation
  • Coordinate sale of ESOP stock
  • Perform annual compliance valuations
  • Consult regarding mergers, acquisitions and ESOP buyouts

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