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To provide innovative solutions that shape success.

​Our Vision

To be trusted advisors by creating valued innovative solutions to our clients' unique needs.

BCG&Co.'s Core Values

Our core values are the foundation from which the firm operates and decisions are made. In essence, they are the guiding principles that shape our culture and define the character of the firm.

  • Professionalism – Maintain integrity, respect and honesty in all that you do. Reputation is everything.
  • Client Service – Be responsive, listen carefully and offer proactive, innovative solutions and ideas. Create raving fans with both your internal and external clients. No surprises. Think like an owner and treat every client as if you owned their business.
  • Continuous Learning – Increase your knowledge and develop areas of expertise that clients and the firm value. Demonstrate thought leadership in core industries we serve.
  • Great People – Hire, retain, develop and appreciate people who value clients, have positive attitudes, like to have fun, believe in working as a team and share their ideas and aspirations with others.
  • Growth – Attracting new clients and expanding services to existing clients is the responsibility of everyone in the firm.
  • Balance – Provide a work environment that is positive and supportive of our associates and their family and personal obligations.
  • Innovation – Think outside the box. Experience new ideas, practices and methods to accomplish your goals. Utilize cutting edge technology for the benefit of our clients and the firm.
  • Community – Act as a good corporate citizen and give wisely of your time, energy and talents.
  • Leadership – Be a leader in all that you do. Bring out the best in others and be influential.
  • Embrace Change – Be open minded. Get out of your comfort zone. Be willing to try new things.

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About BCG & Company

BCG & Company is a dynamic and growth-oriented, regional certified public accounting and consulting firm, with two affiliates and operating in multiple states.

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