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Always looking for what’s next…new company, new location, new markets? There is an elite category of entrepreneurs who dare to dream. They have no finish line, just milestones. To be a successful owner of multiple companies requires the need to be surrounded with smart minds, better ideas and trusted guidance. We too have that passion, and we work with clients who do as well. Whether it is structuring deals, forging new entities, obtaining financing, tax strategies or expanding into new markets, our team of elite advisors can support your ongoing growth. Meet our team members below:


Meet the Team:

Tom Gedelian, CPA
Tom is a co-founder of BCG & Company. A former IRS agent and large national firm accountant, Tom had a dream to start a company of his own. Twenty-five years later, BCG&Co. has grown into a respected and successful regional accounting firm with three affiliate companies. Tom works with the wealthy and aspiring wealthy entrepreneurs to handle complicated tax issues and transactions through the various stages of their life’s work and legacy. He advises companies who are expanding on acquisitions, real estate and other assets. His exclusive clients are in need of sophisticated help in minimizing taxes and protecting their assets throughout their lifetime and beyond.  Tom saves and protects millions of dollars worth of assets for his clients. He is often called upon by other professionals for his specialization in highly complex tax situations.

Ray Lampner, CPA, ABV, CVA, CFF
Ray is a shareholder and director in the firm’s Entrepreneurial services department and leader of the Mergers & Acquisitions practice area. Ray has spent more than 17 years as an accounting professional, with concentrations in entrepreneurial exit planning, succession planning and growth through merger and acquisition activity.   He is adept at identifying acquisitions, obtaining financing and closing the deal.


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If you are looking for a team of professionals whose dedication and experience in serial entrepreneurship adds a competitive advantage to your vision, then contact BCG&Co.’s Serial Entrepreneurship team today.


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