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To stay competitive in the marketplace companies need to search for new business and other opportunities wherever they may arise. In fact, most don’t even consider geography when selling products or engaging new vendors. There are higher priority concerns that dominate those conversations. However, it’s important to remember that when transactions occur across state lines there are often times sales and use tax issues to be concerned about. In our experience, most are unaware of the state and local tax requirements and liabilities it can create. For this reason we help companies identify, document and address any liabilities which may impact them. The most important thing is to stay ahead of these issues to avoid a state tax audit. 

BCG & Company works with companies in Ohio and across the country to address state and local tax planning or compliance concerns. Our team can assist through a state tax audit or conduct a proactive assessment to ensure there are no unaddressed liabilities. We work with companies in  a variety of situations include those needing assistance with nexus determination for franchise and income tax, sales and use tax matters and transactional tax issues.  

Our State & Local Tax Services Include:

  • State & Local Tax Planning
  • Sales & Use Tax Reviews
  • Assistance with Nexus Determination
  • Sales Tax Outsourcing
  • Utility Studies to Claim State/Use Tax Exemptions
  • Voluntary Disclosures & Tax Amnesties
  • Representation of businesses in State Tax Audits

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The rules around these taxes often vary by state and locale. For this reason it’s essential to work with a provider that understands how these tax regulations and the steps you can take to conduct proper planning. If you have recently expanded operations or are planning to do so, then contact BCG & Company today! For additional information please contact us at 330-864-6661, or click here to contact us

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